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ADU Sugar Restaurant
Aug 10th 2023, 4:10PM
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🇲🇾VEGAN FOOD ADVENTURES with Raw Chef Yin - featuring Adu Sugar in Bangsar🇲🇾

I first heard of this place when Shivaani was raving about it.
We wanted to treat Diyana for her birthday so we took her here!

I messaged them to ask about their vegan dishes and they said: 40 persent of our menu is vegan at all times. Chef Adu does some of the best vegan dishes in the country. So you are in good hands

All vegan items are marked clearly - yayyy!

We had:
✅Nasi Kerabu Salad RM32.99
✅Fruity Red Curry RM34.99
✅Soto Johor Vegan RM32.99
✅Young Jackfruit Rendang RM29.99
✅Steamed Rice RM5.99
✅Coconut Blue Rice RM7.99
✅Lemon Passion Fruit Tea RM17.99
TOTAL: RM162.93
Serv ( 10% › RM16.29 -0.02
Total Charge RM179.20

I asked them where to park and this was their reply: The best bet will be to park at Bangsar village and walk over. Is about 3 minit-walk. The oldest one and also I think it’s better if you google so you’d know exactly where we are. So you can plan your lunch out properly. There are parking spaces just outside the restaurant but in kl, it’s a nightmare to find a space at lunch time uless it’s a mall.

Food was delicious but a bit on the oily side for me. Also, the portions were kinda small for the price. But then again it’s in Bangsar, so I guess it’s bangsar pricing.
Diyana was excited to see all these Malay food made vegan, as there’s not that many Malay restaurants offering vegan food that’s clearly marked on the menu.

The decor was so interesting. Painted walls and lots of old school stuff.
I think the only thing that marred the experience was the slightly grumpy server… one was great and the other was grumpy. Ah well…

I would bring visitors here just to introduce them to yummy Malay food which is vegan 🙂
Caught a glimpse of the chef in the kitchen when I went to the restroom and was contemplating whether to say hello but then I was shy… next time I will do so!
Make sure you Whatsapp them to make a reservation as they are sometimes closed for private events.

The restaurant is upstairs, you’ll need to walk up one flight of stairs.
Open from Tuesday to Sunday
12pm to 4pm (Lunch)
6pm to 10pm (Dinner)

ADU Sugar
Lucky Garden, 10A, Lorong Ara Kiri 2
Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201 1441
Whatsapp: +60 10-802 2158
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