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Raw Chef Yin
Aug 29th 2023, 4:10PM
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🐠HOI AN VEGAN FOOD ADVENTURES - The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant at An Bang Beach 🐠

I read quite a bit about this vegan restaurant and also wanted to see what the An Bang Beach is like so we headed here in the morning.

Did our qigong practice on the beach, walked barefoot on the beach and then it got hot so we headed to The Fisherman for breakfast.

I was half wondering whether to order the smoothie or the pancakes or the burrito? But that would mean my breakfast wouldn’t be raw….

In the end we go this:
🥒Juice Blend 70000vnd
The ultimate green detox
Morning glory, lettuce, celery, apple, cucumber and lime
🌽Vegan Quesadilla
Black bean, corn, tomato, onions, capsicum, smash avo, housemade vegan cheese,wrapped in a tortilla

The juice blend came with ice! I didn’t expect that so had to request for a bowl and a spoon to remove the ice. It took a long time for that to appear and lots of ice had melted. In the end, we had to go to the kitchen ourselves to request for the bowl and spoon.
The quesadilla was delicious although I’m used to having it cut for us and also the cheese is inside. This one the vegan cheese was served separately.

I did feel a bit icky due to having so much oil in the morning so after that I didn’t order anything more altho I was contemplating having the pancake…
Service is a bit on the slow side…I guess it’s beach vibes so be ready to chill 😉
It was very HOT…we sat on the deck chair for 10 minutes and decided it was way too hot to sit there and went back to the covered area and sat right under the fan.

🐠🐟Our Story🐠🐟
Most of you were probably wondering why is our vegan restaurant called "The Fisherman".
Well, let me explain. The fisherman is owned by a local Vietnamese family that has been
fishing for many years as one of the oldest crafts of this region. First to provide for
themselves and later on to offer their seafood for the others in their restaurant.
However, the time has changed and fishing is unfortunately neither sustainable nor

The ocean is polluted and the overfishing is a real threat. The old fisherman is a
simple man but he understands what's going on.
To preserve our beautiful nature, to respect and love the animals and to give people
healthy and delicious food, the family decided to change this place to a vegan restaurant.

To honor the family and the tradition, the place kept its name and naditional decoration but we like to call it "The good fisherman.”
We hope you will enjoy our food prepared with love. Our staff is happy to help you with
any requests or questions. Enjoy your meal!!!

We care about what we put in our food. Most of the ingredients are organic, bought from local farmers and shop.

We are trying to reduce the amount of plastic. We don't use the plastic and we provide free
drinking water for our customers.


The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant
Beach front, Block 8, An Bang Beach, Hội An, VN
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