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簡約蔬食 Stillnergy Veggies
Nov 19th 2023, 7:10PM
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🌱VEGAN FOOD ADVENTURES with Raw Chef Yin - Stillnergy Veggies, Kuching.🌱
This is the one place I really wanted to visit the moment I knew I was heading to Kuching, Sarawak.

Have known Andy for quite a number of years online but we’ve never met in person.
Am so excited that he now has a cafe! 簡約蔬食 Stillnergy Veggies
They are a fusion cafe with Crystals, Art Gallery, vegan & vegetarian cuisine.

We had:
✅Mala Pot with Brown Rice
✅Rainbow Buddha Bowl
✅Thai Papaya Salad
✅Teriyaki Mushrooms Ciabatta Sandwich Set
✅Peanut Butter Toast
✅Beancurd Pudding
🍅Does the food look good? If yes, come join us for a lunch meetup on Friday, 3 November 2023 at 12pm. I’ll be there - you can ask me any questions or just take photos or just eat and enjoy the food.
👉👉👉Please book your seat with Stillnery Veggies!
Stillnergy Enterprise
Lot 3218, Block 10,
Kuching Central, Jalan Green,
93150 Kuching, Sarawak.
+60 16-340 6681
28 October 週五特色菜單 Friday’s special menu (some are vegetarian, not vegan. Please check with the server when you’re there):
麻辣香鍋+ 糙米飯 Mala Pot with Brown Rice
彩虹蔬食碗 Rainbow Buddha Bowl
泰式木瓜沙拉 Thai Papaya Salad
義大利拖鞋麵包三文治 Teriyaki Mushrooms Ciabatta Sandwich Set
簡約拌面 Stillnergy Noodles
今日甜點 Today’s desserts:
烏龍荔枝蛋糕 Oolong Lychee Cake
巧克力千層蛋糕 Double Chocolate Crepe Cake
醬香吐司 Peanut Butter Toast
元氣豆花 Beancurd Pudding
玫瑰糯香紅豆粥 Red Bean Glutinous Rice

Monday to Sunday ~ Lunch Session
11am ~ 3pm
Saturday & Sunday ~ Dinner Session
5.30pm ~ 8pm
星期四休息 Off On Thursday
+6016-340 6681
我們在 Wisma Saberkas 對面,Naim Sales Gallery 旁邊的店面
Stillnergy Veggies 简约蔬食
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