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Raw Chef Yin
Jun 18th 2024, 2:10PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    
✅Green coral lettuce
✅Romaine lettuce
✅Purple carrot
✅Choy sum
✅Red lentil sprouts
✅cherry tomatoes
✅Goji berries
✅Red cabbage sauerkraut
✅Lacto-fermented belimbing buluh - recipe in my “Fun With Ferments” eBook 👉https://rawchefyin.gumroad.com/l/UOMzn
✅Brazil nut

I used the leftover curry from the raw Cinnamon Cauliflower Curry.

Raw curry recipe is by Lissa & Nate Maris’ eBook Tales from the Tailgate from the recent Ultimate Raw Vegan Bundle 2024.
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