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Welcome To Yishensu Groceries Ipoh
-About Us

Yishensu's operation of restaurant business namely_Yishen Vegetarian Restaurant and wholesale, manufacturing are originated in Kampar, Perak since 1987.

-Our Story
Our factory manufacturing and wholesale is moved to Ipoh since 2004 which handled by the 2nd generation.

Our focus mainly in factory is to produce our own Yishensu vegetarian products supply to our own outlets and other states of our distributors.

We focused on trading, manufacturing, OEM, import and export businesses. Manufactured and produced vegetarian raw materials and product.

We also trading and distributions to shop, retailer, hypermarket,Franchise Restaurants.

We started to develop more healthy types of vegetarian products in our factory due with the high demand from the market. We do have collaborate with other vegetarian manufacturers to exchange our raw materials and be sole wholesaler of different brands of vegetarian products in Perak.

-Our Business
Due with the high popularity and healthy lifestyle of vegetarian thru out the years, we direct supply to hypermarkets, retailers, restaurants, cafe and franchise companies.

Not just to supply local market, we started to export our vegetarian products to oversea to promote our Malaysia vegetarian products.

-Our Platform
With the advent of the technology era, Yishensu Foodtech team started online platforms with name Yishensu Groceries in year of 2019.

We want everyone can be access thru our online platforms to easily purchase vegetarian & vegan products.

- Our Beliefs
With sincere belief, Yishensu believe that vegetarian and vegan will be future trend and lifestyle to everyone. Yishensu team always work hard on R&D and develop new products to ensure to have more healthy nutrients products, great taste and texture to customer.

Yishensu strongly believe it makes a huge contribution to the environmental protection of earth and save more animals.

我们 Yishensu Foodtech 公司是在食品行业里担任生产与批发的双重身份素食商家。专注于生产、批发、OEM、进口与出口国外的销售生意。我们有生产研发属于自己品牌的健康素食食品。目前也有批发与供应给各大商场、门市和餐馆。素食将不在限定于某种行业/种类,而是会有更多无限量的发现性。”





科技发展的时代来临,我们也开始了网上平台销售。在2009年,我们创立了“Yishensu Groceries”网店,让每个人无论何时何地,都能更方便的订购素食食品。



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Yishensu Groceries @ Ipoh
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Yishensu Groceries Ipoh
No. 8 Lintasan Perajurit 17C, Taman Perdagangan & Perindustrian Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Opens: Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm; Sat: 9am - 1pm; Closed: Sunday & Public Holiday
Tel: 012-3200889
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