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Stray Dog Adopts Baby Monkey
by KindMeal.my, 21 August 2015
Stray Dog Adopts Baby Monkey

Check out this heartwarming video right from our Malaysian backyard!

A stray dog is making rounds on the web with a viral video that shows the adoptive mother carrying a baby monkey on her back. Talk about true love! This forgotten and unwanted dog recognized that an animal of another species was in greater need and she stepped up to help the orphan monkey.

Zainal Azman recorded a short clip of the momma dog and her baby monkey while he was riding a car along Paya Rekoh in Pahang. Azman asked the driver to stop the vehicle so that he can capture the rare moment and true act of kindness between different species.

It is believed the monkey lost his mother at the hands of poachers or hunters, but thankfully the stray hero dog welcomed the monkey as her own.

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