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by Compassion Over Killing, 17 September 2019

-Cows, like dogs, thrive in social environments where they can build relationships, play, and exercise. It’s true–sweet cows are really just giant puppies.

-Like humans, cows form strong relationships with their young. A mother’s love is not exclusive to one species. A mother and her calf recognize each other, comfort each other, and grieve when they are separated.

-Cows have been shown to make meaningful personal connections. They even have best friends!

-Cows can distinguish between different species and form bonds with other animals and humans. Make friends with a cow, and they could remember your face for life.

Be kind to all animals: #GoVegan.

Want more cow facts? We've got 'em: http://cok.net/blog/2019/02/9-moo-sing-facts-cows/

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