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This Isn''t How Animals Should Be Treated. But Unfortunately, It Is The True Real..
by Compassion Over Killing, 12 December 2019
This isn't how animals should be treated. But unfortunately, it is the true reality of animal agriculture: a reality exposed by Compassion Over Killing's brave undercover investigators. To help keep their cameras 🎥 rolling with a MATCHED donation, visit COK.net/donate.

At Quanah Cattle Company, newborn dairy calves are bought and shipped, many to be confined in crates and later killed for veal. Our investigator witnessed these babies being cruelly and violently thrown, kicked, and dragged.

These calves are so young many still cannot walk steadily, and yet they endure treatment harsher than many of us can imagine.

The only reason the world knows the truth is because our investigator was there to capture it. Pitch in today with a donation at COK.net/donate, or by sharing this post.

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