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Celebrate Meatless Monday With Your Best Friend!
by KindMeal.my, 19 August 2014
Celebrate Meatless Monday With Your Best Friend!

Even carnivores can form lasting friendships with animals whom they would normally consider prey.

A Turkish photographer snapped several shots of this cat and fox playing on the shores of Lake Van. (Van cats are also unusual in that they typically have bi-coloured eyes and a fondness for swimming.)

Torque the dog and Shrek the owl are both predators, but they've negotiated a long-term truce and are rarely seen apart.

In a US wildlife preserve, Anjana the chimp adopted two white tiger cubs orphaned by a hurricane.

Bubbles, a 9000-pound African elephant shares her love of water with her best friend, Bella the Labrador retriever. They also play fetch together.

Kasi the cheetah and Mtani the dog have been friends since both were tiny, and although Kasi's attention is now turning to the lady cheetahs, he still makes time to play with his old pal.

Suriya the orangutan lives in a wildlife sanctuary in the US. When Roscoe the hound followed her home one day, she seemed to say, "Look, Mum, can we keep him?" They've been together ever since.

So how about it? Even if you're not prepared to commit to life as a full-time vegetarian, enjoying meatless Mondays not only saves animal lives but has a positive impact on global ecology, which suffers from meat production. Stepping down for just one day a week from the top predator's spot on the food chain wouldn't be so bad, would it? Certainly not when there are so many fantastic meatless meals on offer in the Klang Valley! Check out the latest promotions at http://KindMeal.my.

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