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Great White Shark Footage Stuns Hosts
by KindMeal.my, 19 September 2015
Great White Shark Footage Stuns Hosts

Footage of a massive great white shark launching skyward after a seal-like decoy was awe-inspiring enough for hosts of the Australian morning TV show, Today, to share it with viewers during a recent broadcast.

But it’s the hilarious reactions of the hosts, Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson, that make this clip priceless.

After the shark splashes down and disappears, Stefanovic stands before the camera in stunned silence for several moments, his mouth agape and his eyes rolling. “I… am… never going back in the water,” he deadpans, to which comes Wilkinson’s deadpan response, with an Australian accent, after she’s pictured with a similar look on her face: “Me either, no way.”

This needs to be watched, rather than read, to appreciate its comedic value.

The footage is from the Discovery network, and shows the enormous shark breaching next to a cage full of divers off South Africa.

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