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Prince Charming Brings Gift For Girlfriend
by KindMeal.my, 23 September 2015
Prince Charming Brings Gift For Girlfriend

We've all heard of Prince Charming riding a horse. Well, in this case, Prince Charming IS the horse himself. Your heart will surely melt as you see this gentlemanly horse bring his lady friend a mouthful of hay.

After galloping toward her, the stallion offers his girlfriend the hay, and together, they eat while nuzzling one another intermittently. The quickest way to a woman’s heart, after all, is through her stomach.

The horse’s caring gesture is the purest display of love — because what is love, really, besides an overwhelming desire to make the other person happy?

Check out the sweet video, above (and make sure to watch ’til the end; it’s the best part).

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