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Amazing Octopus Facts That''ll Make You Never Want To Eat Seafood Again. They Hav..
by Animal Equality, 27 September 2020
Amazing octopus facts that'll make you never want to eat seafood again:

🐙 They have 9 "brains"— one in that heads that controls their central nervous system, and one in each of their arms.

🐙 They can change their color and texture to camouflage themselves in an instant.

🐙 They're clever and have been known to escape laboratories and aquariums to reach freedom.

🐙 They each have unique personalities, just like us!

🐙 They can feel pain and suffer in the same capacity as any other animal.

🐙 They're killed in horrific ways, and they don't want to die for someone's meal. Go vegan!

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