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The Dairy Industry Sentences Calves To Either A Miserable Death Or A Life Of Tor..
by Compassion Over Killing, 30 October 2020
The dairy industry sentences calves to either a miserable death or a life of torment. Because cows must have babies in order to produce milk (like any other mammal), their calves are little more than a byproduct of the milk industry and are either left to suffer and die like on Dick Van Dam Dairy, or sold for veal or meat.

Following this investigation, we rescued two young calves from the facility. Unfortunately, one of the calves, Hank, was too sick to survive. His companion Samuel, however, lives on at Animal Place sanctuary in California, bringing hope that together we can build a kinder world for all.

We need your help to make more life-changing work like this possible. Can you make a MATCHED donation today to ensure an end to the cruel dairy industry?


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