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Most Turkeys Are Slaughtered Before Five Months Of Age, But "breeder" Turkeys Li..
by Compassion Over Killing, 24 November 2020
Most turkeys are slaughtered before five months of age, but "breeder" turkeys live slightly longer, but miserable lives.

Breeder turkeys are selected for fast growth; consequently, the birds suffer from skeletal disorders and heart diseases. If fed unrestricted diets, few of these turkeys would survive to sexual maturity; therefore, they only receive as little as half the amount of food they would eat if raised for meat. Even still, the male turkeys develop such large breasts that they cannot naturally mate. Instead, workers artificially inseminate females.

Our investigation of a turkey breeding factory farm exposes this violent, frightening process in which workers roughly grab hens by their legs, shackle them upside down and use a plastic tube to inseminate them.

Read more and share the truth at the Animal Outlook blog: https://animaloutlook.org/the-truth-about-turkeys/

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