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Animal Outlook Investigator Erin Wing Went Undercover At Dick Van Dam Dairy, A L..
by Compassion Over Killing, 30 December 2020
Animal Outlook investigator Erin Wing went undercover on Dick Van Dam dairy, a large factory farm in California. What she saw there was shocking, and included such cruelties as this one pictured: a gentle cow chained by her hips and dragged over a wall and across concrete by a tractor.

In the dairy industry, workers use these "hip clamps" on "downer" cows who are too sick or injured to walk. The conditions on factory farms plus the pain of frequent milking make cows suffer tremendously. And they are rewarded for their sacrifice by being dragged to their death.

Animal Outlook investigators like Erin are the reason we know what happens behind dairy's closed doors. To help keep their cameras rolling, make a MATCHED donation today at http://animaloutlook.org/25years

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