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This Week, The New York Times Asked Is Dairy Cruel To Cows? Our Answer Yes. Dair..
by Compassion Over Killing, 31 December 2020
This week, The New York Times asked: Is dairy cruel to cows? Our answer: YES.

Dairy is inherently cruel, and there’s no way around it. On factory farms, cows are often beaten, abused, or even left in the hot sun to die, like newborn calves were at Dick Van Dam dairy.

Though industry reps claim that “the vast majority of farmers would never do such things to their cows,” the data says otherwise: The truth is that 99% of U.S. animal products come from factory farms.

Even those who survive the grueling process of milking day in and day out will likely be slaughtered for cheap beef when their milk supply dwindles at around five years old; naturally, a cow can live around 20 years.

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