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New York Times Article Denounced As Slanted Toward The Dairy Industry!
by Compassion Over Killing, 01 January 2021
#LIVE BREAKING NEWS: The New York Times article denounced as slanted toward dairy industry! One of America’s leading animal rights organizations, Animal Outlook, responds to the New York Times article entitled “Is Dairy Farming Cruel to Cows?” The very question reveals how powerful the dairy industry still is. While it quotes Animal Outlook’s President Erica Meier and links to Animal Outlook’s explosive undercover footage showing gut-wrenching cruelty and violence inflicted on cows at a dairy farm, it quotes the dairy farm's attorney as describing “the images as staged or… taken out of context.” How do you stage hanging a cow upside down in midair? The NYT’s article has 8 photos and not a single one shows either the undercover footage or the standard conditions on America’s huge, dairy factory farms or CAFO’s, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. Animal Outlook’s Erica Meier and undercover investigator Erin Wing speak out. We invite any representatives of the dairy industry and/or the New York Times to respond. We’d love to dialogue with you Andrew Jacobs, Dean Baquet, Joseph Kahn, Rebecca Blumenstein, Steve Duenes, Matthew Purdy, Elisabeth Bumiller, Sam Dolnick, Monica Drake. The New York Times - Science New York Times Food Festival - The Talks The New York Times en Español

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