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Douglas the orphaned hippo is free!
by KindMeal.my, 02 September 2014
Douglas the orphaned hippo is free!

Two week-old Douglas was found abandoned in Zambia in May 2013. Kind-hearted rescuers brought him to the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust (CWET). Founders Anna and Steve Tolan have over 16 years of experience rearing orphaned animals and returning them to the wild – but this was the first time they had taken in a hippo. Douglas' carers bottle-fed him (from very large milk bottles!) and even taught him to swim. Terriers Molly and Coco acted as his mentors and playmates.

Douglas became a sensation in the UK when he appeared on a television show featuring orphaned animals. Thanks to his undeniable charms, supporters ‘adopted’ Douglas and have donated over £10,000 to his rehabilitation and release.

Douglas has now been fending for himself since he was weaned in January and is surviving and thriving.

"He has made his first few attempts to join the wild pod in the Luangwa River. It will probably be a long, slow process until he is fully accepted into the pod but he is on his way," said Will Travers, President of the Born Free Foundation, which supports CWET. "I’m so pleased to be able to say ‘Mission Accomplished’ for Douglas. Born Free believes that the individual animal matters – every wild animal deserves a life worth living and to be free.And today, thanks to the work of our dedicated partners on the ground in Zambia, we know there is one happy wild hippo living free again."

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