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Anything you can do, a bear can do better
by KindMeal.my, 03 September 2014
Anything you can do, a bear can do better.

We shouldn't be too anthropomorphic (assigning human qualities to animals), but these bears are doing some really great impersonations of... well, of persons. Of us! Waiting for lunch to be served, snapping a selfie, admiring the new manicure, jump-starting the prop plane, admiring the view while the barbecue heats up, or checking the latest racing sheet to see how the ponies did at the track yesterday...

In other – and perhaps surprising – ways, bears are much superior to humans. Although some species have a reputation for ferocity, they're far less violent than we are: "According to Grizzle Bay statistics, bears are actually less likely to be a psycho killer than humans. While 1 out of every 16,000 people is born a murder, only 1 grizzly bear out of every 50,000 will kill a human."

And like humans, bears are omnivores; they can eat meat, but they can also survive on plant-based foods when meat is in short supply. So how about doing your best bear impersonation and foraging for some delicious, meat-free meals at http://KindMeal.my ?

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