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Where did the word 'VEGAN' come from, anyway?
by KindMeal.my, 06 September 2014
Where did the word 'VEGAN' come from, anyway?

We've just passed 2 September, the birth date of the man who coined the word 'vegan' – Donald Watson. Mr. Watson, traumatised after watching the slaughter of pigs on his grandfather's farm, committed to a vegetarian lifestyle when he was 14 and became a vegan at 34. He was 95 years old when he passed away in 2005.

Mr. Watson and his wife, Dorothy, came up with the word 'vegan' to describe those who decline to eat eggs and dairy as well as meat. Why 'vegan'? It's the beginning and end of vegetarian. Donald and Dorothy began publishing The Vegan News to promote greater compassion for animals, and in one of the early issues, they solicited alternative words from their readers. The responses were varied and colorful, including “dairyban, vitan, benevore, sanivore, beaumangeur.” Happily, they decided to stick with vegan.

Late in Mr. Watson's life, an interviewer asked him which of his achievements he valued most. He replied, "“Achieving what I set out to do: to feel that I was instrumental in starting a great new movement which could not only change the course of things for Humanity and the rest of Creation, but alter Man’s expectation of surviving for much longer on this planet.”

So we're a couple of days late to celebrate this gentle hero, but this is certainly a case of better late than never. I think Donald Watson would be most pleased if we celebrated his life and legacy by eating a vegan, or at least a meatless, meal in his honour. See the latest promotions at KindMeal.my for some inspiration – http://KindMeal.my/

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