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The Suffering We Witnessed At Summit Calf Ranch In Nebraska In November 2018 Is ..
by Animal Equality, 29 September 2021
The suffering we witnessed at Summit Calf Ranch in Nebraska in November 2018 is something no animal should have to endure.

Animal Equality’s investigation into Babybel supplier Tuls Dairy revealed prolonged suffering of day-old calves and the agony they face every single day at Summit Calf Ranch.

Footage shows that sick and injured calves languished for days without receiving adequate medical treatment, with some even left to die in extreme pain on top of already dead calves.

In addition to this horror, these newborn baby calves were exposed to sub-zero temperatures, causing their food and water supply to freeze over and inflicting horrific injuries, such as some calves’ hooves separating from their legs.

Visit animalequality.org/action/babyhell to learn more and sign the petition. And please ditch dairy for good.

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