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Emu Plays Fetch
by KindMeal.my, 15 October 2015
Emu Plays Fetch

Move over dogs ¡ª this adorable emu proves that giant birds can also be man's best friend. Mimi the emu loves playing fetch with her family, just like a puppy. As soon as her little human throws the ball, she goes racing off after it.

She doesn't exactly have the retrieving part down, though ¡ª as soon as she gets to the ball, she just does her happy dance around it. But tell us this doesn't make your day...

The second-tallest bird in the world (after the ostrich, its relative), the flightless emu is often farmed for its meat, leather, feathers and oil. If you have trouble figuring out why we love dogs and cats but eat emus, you're in good company!

Take your family and friends out this weekend for an animal-friendly, meat-free meal at a http://KindMeal.my partner. Let Mimi just play ball and dance.

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