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Tell Kroger To Drop Cruel Fish Supplier | Animal Equality
by Animal Equality, 04 November 2021

Catfish may look different than the cats we share our homes with, but evidence shows that they feel pain like all animals do. They use their whiskers to understand the world around them, the way we use our eyes and hands. They communicate with each other by rubbing their bodies on rocks to create different sounds. Some can live up to 20 years, if given the chance.

Knowing these facts about our finned friends only makes the findings of our month-long investigation into Simmons Farm Raised Catfish more heartbreaking.

Animal Equality has sent Kroger documentation of animal abuse at Simmons, yet Kroger continues to sell Simmons products. Contact Kroger executives now via our form below and ask them to drop Simmons Farm Raised Catfish today!

Source: Animal Equality
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