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A Study Published In Nature In March 2021 Found That Bottom Trawling Releases As..
by Animal Equality, 07 November 2021
A study published in Nature in March 2021 found that bottom trawling releases as much carbon dioxide as the entire aviation industry, pumping out 1 gigaton of carbon every year.

Bottom trawling is a fishing practice that herds and captures the target species, like ground fish or crabs, by towing a net along the ocean floor. Unfortunately, this destructive practice also catches a lot of unintended species, too.

The carbon is released from the seabed sediment into the water, and can increase ocean acidification, as well as adversely affecting productivity and biodiversity, the study said. Marine sediments are the largest pool of carbon storage in the world.

Ditch seafood to protect animals, our oceans, and the planet.

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