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Yesterday, The Italian Parliament Voted And Approved The Amendment For A Ban On ..
by Animal Equality, 18 December 2021
Yesterday, the Italian Parliament voted and approved the amendment for a ban on male chick culling in the egg industry. Now all that is missing is final confirmation in the Senate, expected in early 2022.

In the egg industry, male chicks are considered useless as they are not able to lay eggs, nor can they be used for meat as they are different species from the more common broiler chickens used by the food industry. For this reason, every year in Italy, between 25 and 40 million male chicks are killed.

Animal Equality launched a campaign in 2020, signed by more than 110,000 people, asking the government and industry to put an end to this terrible practice. Thanks to this work, the trade association of egg producers, Assoavi, declared itself in favor of the introduction of in-ovo sexing technologies able to spare male chicks from mass killing, and the campaign has received support from Italian government officials.

Read more: https://animalequality.org/news/italy-approves-ban-on-selective-culling-of-male-chicks/. And visit BanChickCulling.com to sign the US petition.

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