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This Is Lily From Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary. She Came There With Her Friend Li..
by Compassion Over Killing, 12 April 2022
This is Lily🐷 from Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary. She came there with her friend Lizzie, from a large factory farm. They were in such poor health and living in such deplorable conditions, that an animal rights group rescued them, as they didn’t think they could survive much longer. The group contacted Luvin Arms and they have been at the sanctuary ever since. Lily was bred and genetically modified in a way to make her very pale or fair-skinned (to produce lighter meat). This makes her especially susceptible to skin cancer, which has developed on her ear and recently on her eye. The Luvin Arms team provides medical care and treatment for her cancer which includes regular trips to CSU’s veterinary clinic for close monitoring.

Lily is an animal ambassador for this year's VegWeek, which runs from April 18th to the 24th. Sign up to participate: www.vegweek.com

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