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The Science On Fish Sentience Is Clear Fish Have The Capacity To Suffer And Feel..
by Compassion Over Killing, 14 July 2022
“The science on fish sentience is clear: fish have the capacity to suffer and feel pain.” - Becca Franks, fish scientist.

In 2019, Animal Outlook released the first-ever undercover exposé of salmon aquaculture in the U.S. and documented senseless violence against these sentient animals at Cooke Aquaculture, an industrial Atlantic salmon hatchery in Bingham, Maine. In 2020, Animal Outlook, represented by Richman Law & Policy, filed a lawsuit against Cooke Aquaculture for misleading and deceptive advertising in violation of the District of Columbia Consumer Protection and Procedures Act. The lawsuit alleges that Cooke’s advertisements that its practices are “sustainable” and “ecologically sound,” and that its salmon are “naturally raised” under "optimal” animal welfare standards constitute false advertising. Read more about our investigation:

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