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Sticks Were Introduced Into Her Genitals To Induce Pain. She Was Bleeding Inside..
by Animal Equality, 26 July 2022
She was a buffalo used for dairy. She was forcibly, artificially impregnated and her newborn babies were ripped away from her just so they wouldn't drink their mother's milk. She was forced through this cruel process until she was unable to produce any more milk and was seen as no longer useful to the industry. And then, she found herself here - weak and tired, and unable to climb the steep ramp onto the truck to be taken to slaughter. πŸƒπŸ’”

In Animal Equality's newest investigation in India, investigators documented the abuse she endured as workers tried to force her onto the truck. Her tail was twisted and sticks were introduced into her genitals to induce pain, among other extreme acts of cruelty.

We need your help bringing her abusers to justice! By sharing this investigation to increase its impact, you can help urge authorities to prosecute her abusers. And, by leaving this suffering off of your plate, you can help animals like her in the dairy industry.

✨Take Action: https://animalequality.org/news/animal-equality-india-demands-prosecution-of-buffalo-abusers/

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