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Animal Equality Gets First Latin American Commitments That Ban Male Chick Culling
by Animal Equality, 29 July 2022
After negotiations with Animal Equality, Mantiqueira, the largest egg producer in South America, and organic egg producer, Raiar Orgânicos, become the first Latin American companies to commit to only source chicks from hatcheries that do not participate in the massacre of male chicks in Brazil. 🐥

Male chicks are seen as useless by the egg industry as they are not one of the breeds used for meat. These baby birds are inhumanely killed in grinders, among other cruel means, at just one-day old. 84 million male chicks are massacred in Brazil every year.

The commitments made by Mantiqueira & Raiar Orgânicos are a step forward for baby birds.

✨Learn more about this commitment & how you can support these baby birds:

Source: Animal Equality
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