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History Has Been Made. After Two Years Of Intensive Campaigning By Animal Equali..
by Animal Equality, 05 August 2022
History has been made! πŸ₯πŸ’™

After two years of intensive campaigning by Animal Equality, the killing of male chicks in the egg industry has been banned in Italy! This initiative was approved on Wednesday, August 3rd, by an absolute majority (346 votes in favor, 10 against, and 19 abstentions).

Thank you to our supporters for signing petitions and sharing our campaign. Thank you to Deputy Francesca Galizia who we worked alongside to pass this ban, as well as the political forces that supported this initiative. Approximately 35 million male chicks will no longer be killed by being ground alive or suffocated because of your support.

✨Read more & sign our U.S. petition to end this practice for 260 million male chicks: https://animalequality.org/news/animal-equality-bans-the-killing-of-male-chicks-in-italy/?preview_id=29128&preview_nonce=9137f8c2e3&preview=true&_thumbnail_id=29131

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