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We''re Taking Action For Baby Chicks This Past June, Animal Equality Filed A Laws..
by Animal Equality, 07 October 2022
We're taking action for baby chicks! 🐥💪 This past June, Animal Equality filed a lawsuit against Foster Farms after our undercover investigation revealed baby chicks being crushed, drowned and mutilated at one of their hatcheries.

Under the representation of Advancing Law for Animals, we are seeking a court order prohibiting these unlawful business practices to protect these baby chicks in accordance with California’s anti-cruelty laws. We continue to wait for Foster Farms' reply.

✨Read more about this case & how you can help baby chicks in factory farms: https://animalequality.org/news/animal-equalitys-lawsuit-over-cruelty-in-foster-farms-hatchery/

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