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Pork Industry Looks To Overturn Ca’s Proposition 12. Will The Supreme Court Let Cruelty Be Status Quo?
by Compassion Over Killing, 10 October 2022
Under California’s Proposition 12, pork made from pigs who have been confined in gestation crates with no room to turn around, and from their babies, cannot be sold in the state.

Since Prop 12 passed with nearly 63% of the vote, the pork industry has been suing, attempting to gut it. The case has been dismissed at both the trial and appellate levels. But now, the Supreme Court has agreed to the pork industry’s request that it hear the case and will hold oral argument on October 11. Animal Outlook and other animal protection organizations have banded together and intervened to help defend the law, democratic processes, and the animals who stand to suffer even more should the pork industry prevail.

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Source: Compassion Over Killing
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