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Meet Horse 5036. Animal Equality Has Released A New Investigation Showing Us Hor..
by Animal Equality, 24 November 2022
Meet horse 5036 💔

Animal Equality has released a new investigation showing US horses awaiting slaughter at a facility in Zacatecas, Mexico. 🐴 Horse 5036 is one of them. The yellow USDA tag attached to his body identifies him as American. He is just one of the 24,000 horses transported from the US to Mexico and Canada every year. The images we captured would be his last - he was killed for his meat the day after we met him.

How did 5036 end up here❓Why is the US continuing to contribute to the global horse meat trade when their slaughter is banned within our borders❓What is his fate inside Mexican slaughterhouses❓

💥Your action is needed now more than ever to help protect horses like 5036: https://animalequality.org/news/animal-equality-finds-us-horses-awaiting-slaughter-in-mexico/

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