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Giant Rats Sniff Out Landmines
by KindMeal.my, 27 October 2015
Giant Rats Sniff Out Landmines

African giant pouched rats—huge, cat-size rodents native to central Africa—have bad vision but an extraordinary sense of smell.

APOPO, a Belgian nonprofit that has created an army of TNT-sniffing African giant pouched rats. These critters are light enough to walk over the mines without setting them off, and use their noses to find the explosives quickly.

One rat can search over 2000 square feet (200 square meters) in 20 minutes, an area that could take a human up to four days, APOPO training manager Abdullah Ramadhan says in an email. Since APOPO was founded in 1997, these furry super-sniffers have helped clear 13,200 mines from minefields in Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, and, most recently, in Cambodia.

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