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We''re Speaking Up For Male Chicks In The European Parliament. Last Week, Animal ..
by Animal Equality, 20 January 2023
We're speaking up for male chicks in the European Parliament! 🐥✨

Last week, Animal Equality was invited to an event at Parliament to discuss the slaughter of male chicks in the egg industry, who are ground alive or suffocated because they aren't considered 'profitable.' They cannot lay eggs and are not one of the ‘fast-growing’ breeds used for meat.

The goal of the event was to begin the discussion of banning this cruel practice in Europe. Animal Equality spoke about our intensive global campaigning to end male chick-killing and the recent victory that came from these efforts—a ban in Italy.

➡️ We are committed to doing everything we can to end this unnecessary massacre. Please help us in this fight: https://animalequality.org/news/european-parliament-hearing-discusses-the-massacre-of-male-chicks/

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