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Imagine What It''s Like To Be A Calf Born Into The Dairy Industry. Within Days Of..
by Compassion Over Killing, 21 January 2023
Imagine what it's like to be a calf born into the dairy industry. Within days of being born you will be taken away from your mother so her milk can be taken for humans to drink. If you're a male calf, your life is not a long one. You'll be confined to a small space and intentionally malnourished to be raised and slaughtered young for veal, or you'll be sold to live a bit longer and be killed for beef. This is not the way life should be for you, but it's the way the animal agriculture system has decided it will be.

Calves, and every other animal, deserve to grow up happy and healthy. Take animals off your plate and stop participating in the abuse of animals. #GoVegan

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