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Animal Outlook, Maine Voters Sue State Over Fish Farms
by Compassion Over Killing, 24 February 2023
🚨LEGAL UPDATE🚨: Like all animals, fish deserve protection but are routinely ignored even by the minimal laws that are applied to other animals. However, in Maine, the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (DACF)—and, specifically its Animal Welfare Program—has a legal obligation to ensure the humane treatment of “every living sentient creature” in the state, including fish. Unfortunately, DACF has not done its job. While Maine’s aquaculture industry has grown exponentially in recent years, DACF has failed to craft regulations, let alone to enforce Maine’s cruelty laws, to protect the millions of aquatic animals that the law is intended to protect.

The first-ever undercover exposé of a U.S. salmon aquaculture operation, conducted by Animal Outlook in Maine, documented workers stomping on fish, slamming them into concrete, and exposing them to filthy tanks, with many fish suffering from fungal infections or deformities.

Maine voters want the state to enforce its anti-cruelty laws on behalf of fish and other aquatic animals. More than 150 of them signed a petition that requires the state to do exactly that. The will of these Maine voters is being ignored and now we're taking action. Learn more: https://animaloutlook.org/legal-advocacy/#maine

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