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Piglets Left To Die In Agony Without Food, Water, Or Care. Mother Pigs Covered I..
by Animal Equality, 10 March 2023
💔 Piglets left to die in agony without food, water, or care.
💔 Mother pigs covered in sores & cysts from a life inside a cage.
💔 Random body parts found in the hallways, and dead bodies thrown into buckets like trash.

🇮🇹 This is the face of Italian "excellence."

Animal Equality's investigators recently revisited a farm* in Northern Italy to see if conditions had improved after a 2019 investigation uncovered extreme abuse. 📹💥 The farm produces products for a supply chain that claims higher-quality items from regulated sources. What our investigators discovered were thousands of cockroaches, feces-covered feeding stations, and dead & dying pigs throughout the farm and hallways...among other atrocities.

💥How you can help bring these animals justice:

1️⃣ Watch & share the investigation to help increase the impact of these images. Help us show authorities that this case deserves immediate action: AnimalEquality.org/news/italy-excellence-pig-farm-investigation

2️⃣ Help support Animal Equality's investigations so we can continue to shed light on these abusive practices in factory farming: AnimalEquality.org/Donate

3️⃣ Ensure you are no longer contributing to this suffering by reducing or eliminating animal products from your meals: LoveVeg.com

*The name of the farm is withheld as we pursue legal action.

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