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Join Us In Taking A Stand Against Animal Cruelty In Factory Farming By Visiting ..
by Animal Equality, 02 May 2023
✨Join us in taking a stand against animal cruelty in factory farming by visiting LoveVeg.com❗️ Animal Equality strives to transform the food system into one that is sustainable, affordable, and ethical.

🐴 Although the United States has effectively banned horse slaughter within its borders, nearly 30,000 horses are transported from the United States to Mexico and Canada to be killed every year. They are forced to spend hours standing in crowded trucks, suffering injuries, weight loss, fatigue, dehydration, and shipping fever–a respiratory disease associated with long-distance transports.

💪 Your support can help us put an end to this cruelty and create a kinder world for all animals. Choose plant-based alternatives and join the Love Veg movement today!

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