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Animal Equality''s Recent Investigation Into Uk Fish Slaughter Boats Off The Coas..
by Animal Equality, 18 May 2023
🐟 Animal Equality's recent investigation into UK fish slaughter boats off the coast of Scotland has uncovered shocking findings of mistreatment and abuse. The investigation exposed thousands of incidents of animal cruelty of two major fish suppliers, which have ties to the United States.

💔 The overcrowded and inhumane conditions on these fish slaughter boats inflict physical and psychological distress on the fish, resulting in gruesome deaths and extensive suffering.

🚨 Our organization is calling on the UK government to establish stronger animal protection laws that require CCTV cameras in fish slaughterhouses to hold these corporations accountable. Animal Equality hopes to raise awareness and pressure industry leaders and lawmakers to take action immediately.: animalequality.org/news/uk-fish-slaughter-boats

🌱 By choosing plant-based alternatives instead of meat, dairy, eggs, or other animal products, we can help reduce the demand for this cruel practice and support a more compassionate and sustainable food system. Join our Love Veg movement today: LoveVeg.com!

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