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Animals Are Living Beings With Inherent Worth And Should Not Be Treated As Commo..
by Animal Equality, 20 May 2023
💙 Animals are living beings with inherent worth and should not be treated as commodities for human consumption! The belief that their value is determined solely by their usefulness to humans is a flawed perspective that has been perpetuated by our society for far too long.

🔹 Help us put an end to factory farming! Animals are confined to cramped spaces, subjected to harsh living conditions, and endure brutal forms of physical and emotional abuse every single day you sit down for your meal. Are your dinner plans worth their pain and suffering❓

🌱🐔 Join our Love Veg movement today! By choosing to go plant-based, we can build a world where every living being is treated with dignity and empathy. So let's work together to create a more just and compassionate society by choosing compassionate food options. Visit LoveVeg.com to start your plant-based journey today!

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