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Animal Impact Makers
by Compassion Over Killing, 08 September 2023
This month, we're introducing a new program for passionate animal advocates called Animal Impact Makers. By becoming an Animal Impact Maker, you'll take AIM at the animal agriculture industry by supporting investigators as they work undercover in facilities like Hargin, Inc.

During this investigation our investigator witnessed an estimated 25,000 female turkeys locked inside massive sheds, forced to live in cruel and filthy conditions. Turkeys raised on factory farms are bred to grow obese so quickly, they can no longer mate naturally. Instead, they’re artificially inseminated – as shown in our video. This is a violent and frightening process that involves grabbing hens by their legs, shackling them upside down and using a plastic tube to inseminate them. This rampant mistreatment and abuse of animals must stop. Help this work continue by becoming a part of our Animal Impact Makers program. Learn more:

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