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Undercover Investigations Are A Powerful Tool To Help Expose The Truth And Inspi..
by Compassion Over Killing, 09 September 2023
Undercover investigations are a powerful tool to help expose the truth and inspire change. Undercover investigators put their mental and physical health on the line in the quest to build a better tomorrow for all animals. You can stand side-by-side with these brave heroes by becoming and Animal Impact Maker today.

Your support will help fuel undercover investigations like the one performed at Cal-Cruz Hatcheries. Using a hidden camera, an Animal Outlook investigator documented shocking abuse of newly-hatched chicks and ducklings at Cal-Cruz Hatcheries. Our video, which showed the miserable conditions forced upon thousands of innocent baby birds. prompted the Santa Cruz County Animal Services Authority to look further into this case. In conducting its own follow-up investigation, this humane law enforcement agency collected additional evidence of abuse and neglect and impounded 88 ducklings in need of care. While several of these baby birds were too sick or injured to survive, more than two dozen were given a new chance at life at a sanctuary.

You can put a stop to this horrific treatment of animals by becoming an Animal Impact Maker today. Support undercover investigators here: https://donate.animaloutlook.org/give/514186/#!/donation/checkout

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