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Monday, 22 September, was World Rhino Day
by KindMeal.my, 24 September 2014
Monday, 22 September, was World Rhino Day.

There are fives species of rhinoceros native to Asia and Africa, and poaching has driven all five to the brink of extinction.

Rhino poaching is mostly driven by demand for their horn, which is wrongly thought to have medicinal properties in some Asian countries. There is absolutely nothing magical about the horn – it's composed of keratin (the stuff hooves and fingernails are made of), calcium, and melanin (a pigment).

It's tragic that our incorrect beliefs can drive us to wipe other species from the face of the earth. Please be compassionate not only at meal time but also when you reach for medicine, and spread the word that rhino horns belong nowhere but on the noses of rhinos.

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