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by KindMeal.my, 17 October 2014

It is a good day to reflect on and be appreciative of the steady supply of delicious food we enjoy, and the least we could do is to not waste precious food.

Do you know that according to The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, there are an estimated 805 million hungry people in the world? It means that one in every eight people goes to bed hungry each night.

These people regularly do not have enough food to live an active life. The actual number of hungry people in the world is even higher when including those who face seasonal food shortages or those who do not eat a varied diet that includes protein, vitamins and minerals.

An estimated 26 percent of the world’s children are stunted due to malnutrition and 2 billion people suffer from one or more micronutrient deficiencies.

Most of the world’s undernourished population is located in Southern Asia, closely followed by sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Asia. One third of all deaths in children under the age of five in developing countries are linked to malnutrition. By 2050, climatic changes and water shortage could push another 24 million children into danger. Almost half of these children would be in sub-Saharan Africa.

Factory farming also greatly contributes to global food shortage. It takes around 15 pounds of grain to make one pound of beef - which can feed a couple people for a few hours. In comparison, 13 pounds of grain fed to humans directly can feed 13 people for most of the day.

Globally, the famine problem is often a livestock problem. Feeding food to animals and then eating the animals is kind of like heating your house during the winter by burning wood outside.

Let's be appreciative of the food we have, help the needy people with what we can, and reduce meat consumption not just to save innocent animals, but to play a critical role in improving the environment and health of our friends around the world.

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