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Stoner Sloths
by KindMeal.my, 30 December 2015
Stoner Sloth is a series of anti-marijuana PSAs made by the Australian government. The campaign features the stoner sloth: an animal version of humans demonstrating how slow they are when they're high. It also includes the hashtag #stonersloth, because nothing proves you're hip to the younger generation more than using a hashtag. Now these ads will totes go viral!

The trouble with PSAs is that they're often unintentionally hilarious. Even the format is easily lampooned. Stoner sloth is indeed unintentionally hilarious, and anyone that sees it or hears the sounds it makes will have a giggle fit for the ages. Many thanks to the Australian government for this gem. Hopefully they'll go on to produce more anti-drug PSAs with Australian animals, like meth kangaroo and molly koala.

Here at http://KindMeal.my, we like to use animal videos to promote compassionate eating at our partner outlets all over Malaysia. Should you choose to ignore the StonerSloth PSAs and have a bad case of the munchies, though, do check our web site for great promotions on satisfying, meat-free meals.

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