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Artist Becomes One With Animals By Replacing Her Eye With Theirs
by KindMeal.my, 25 January 2016
Artist Becomes One With Animals By Replacing Her Eye With Theirs

Hungarian photographer Flóra Borsi is an eyeful. Animeyed, her latest project, features animals superimposed over self-portraits so that the two faces overlap, sharing one eye in common. The surreal effect is compounded by Borsi’s use of colors and props to make her look more like the creature sharing the photo.

Borsi is no amateur photographer. Her work has been featured at the Saatchi Gallery, at the Louvre, and even in commercial software such as Adobe Photoshop CC. Be sure to check out Borsi’s social media for other, mind-bending work!

These images remind us that we are not so different from the animals with whom we share the planet, and it's good to look at the world through their eyes once in a while. When we develop greater empathy for animals, we are of course less inclined to eat them.

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