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Why LOVE One But EAT The Other?
by KindMeal.my, 18 November 2014
Why LOVE One But EAT The Other?

Pigs by nature are every bit as loving, sensitive and full of personality as the animals we call "family".

Pigs dream, recognize their names, and are gregarious and affectionate beings who form loyal bonds with each other and other species, including humans.

The curious and insightful pig is the smartest domestic animal in the world, with intelligence beyond that of 3-year-old human child.

In their natural setting, pigs spend hours playing, mother pigs sing to their piglets while nursing, and groups of pigs enjoy lying close together in the sun.

Yet each year, millions of pigs endure a life of misery, denied everything that is natural to them before heading to the dinner plate. Most pigs are mass-produced on factory farms – spending their too-short lives under the constant stress of living in cramped dark warehouses and never experiencing fresh air or the sun on their backs, until the day they are loaded onto trucks bound for slaughter.

Piglets have their tails cut off, teeth clipped, and are castrated all without any anesthetic. Mother pigs are kept constantly pregnant and confined in 2-foot wide, metal gestation crates so small that for most of their lives they are barely able to move.

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