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Boy Saves Blind Eagle
by KindMeal.my, 11 March 2016
Boy Saves Blind Eagle

3-year-old Steven Rozzi noticed something large in his backyard and told his mom, Cherie Kissinger. Unbeknownst to little Steven, he had discovered a bald eagle, hurt and unable to fly. The eagle struggled to move as it was tangled up in the woods. Along with husband Steven, Cherie called DEC who reached out to Barbara "Missy" Runyan, of the Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center in Hunter, NY.

Missy evaluated the eagle along with Mike Buckley and determined the eagle was blind. Additionally, her face had cuts and her feathers were bent. She was having seizures. To make matters worse, her liver and kidneys were failing.

After taking a few blood tests, the team discovered the eagle was suffering from zinc poisoning. Right away, Missy began the eagle on chelation therapy. 72 hours later, the eagle once again had sight!

Next, Missy and her volunteers cared for the feathers of the eagle, steaming them straight while tending to her wounds. Missy kept her in an eagle enclosure carefully designed for low stress levels and the eagle slowly regained her strength.

A few days later, the eagle was released from the same area where she was discovered.

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