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Harrison Ford: The Ocean
by KindMeal.my, 17 March 2016
Harrison Ford: The Ocean

The ocean makes life on Earth possible.

It nourishes our bodies and our souls. It influences our weather, fuels economies and connects distant lands. It is vast, deep, powerful and mysterious.

And it's in trouble.

The ocean's role in our climate is often overlooked: It has absorbed carbon that humans have emitted into the atmosphere, but it is fast losing its ability to absorb more.

Warmer waters will disrupt fisheries and weather as sea-level rise eats away at our coastlines. If unchecked, climate change will turn our oceans into a formidable foe.

Harrison Ford lends his voice to the ocean in Conservation International's amazing Nature Is Speaking series. Learn more at http://www.conservation.org/nature-is-speaking/.

Meat consumption is one of global warming's largest causes. Let us protect our precious environment now — http://KindMeal.my.

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